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Article • March 8, 2011

Choice Plots

Find Deals Being Offered Steps Away From Wherever You Are

We’ve used our phones’ GPS capabilities for everything from our guest spot on Ice Road Truckers to recreating Escape From New York… but we had no idea we could also use it to save boatloads of money.

The Dealmap is a service that combines all of your favorite daily deal sites with your phone’s GPS capabilities to offer you the best savings in your immediate surroundings.

While the web-based version of the service is fantastic, the true utility of Dealmap comes with using their mobile app, available for iPhone and Android. Your current location allows you to see what’s being offered nearby in map format, with results from Groupon, LivingSocial, and more.

Whether you’re looking for buy-one get-one burritos, a discounted snazzy new jacket, or a cheap gym membership, the app allows you to easily purchase nearby deals for immediate use.

Trust us when we say that transforming your phone into a treasure map is every bit as cool as it sounds.