T-Shirt Time - Netted
Article • March 11, 2011

T-Shirt Time

Personalized T-Shirts Selected For And Shipped Directly To You

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity states that the coolness factor of two shirts is entirely dependent upon the designs and their availability.

The Hipstery takes all of the science out of choosing well-designed and rare t-shirts by doing it for you. Simply answer six questions about yourself and decide if you’d also like to include a secret excellent gift. The whole caboodle will appear on your doorstep faster than the speed of light.

Though based in Germany, they have perfected shipping customized tees worldwide, expanding their universe of fans by the minute. Besides impressing everyone at Netted and a legion of fans, they also offer get-out-of-ugly-tee cards for friends in need of help or just some plain old awesome tees.

Run over to The Hipstery as soon as possible to guarantee your new favorite tee’s relative excellence – right down to the atomic level.