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Article • March 15, 2011

Life Story

Discover More About Your Family, No Matter The Distance

After years of independent family research, we finally sat Grandpa and Grandma down and were surprised to discover she had been the construction worker and he the ballet dancer all along.

Needless to say, these familial insights sparked our curiosity, which led us to Proust. Using their simple questions makes it easy to learn more about your loved ones and what makes your family’s story unique.

Proust is based on the idea that families and friends should record their stories for each other – and a few simple questions can reveal things you never knew you didn’t know. For example, Grandpa made his name selling cars after he decided against law school… but that only came after dropping out of the seminary to marry Grandma.

Though a lot of intimate questions are being asked and answered, the site’s privacy settings are set so you can keep the story of your life to yourself or get family on the site and share everything with them.

You might end up finding out some crazy stuff, like how our Uncle Steve used to be a professional Keith Richards impersonator, but it never hurts to ask.