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Article • March 16, 2011

Rent the Best Apartments with No Complications

Find the perfect apartment with Padmapper

Though they say your true friends are friends who help you move, the greatest friend is one who finds you an apartment.

Padmapper is about to be the kind of friend to you that, if you’re both not married in seven years or so, you’ll definitely get hitched. It takes the menial labor out of combing Craigslist apartment ads by overlaying them on Google maps, bringing location and pricing information into same easy-to-view layout.

Average prices in the area are automatically displayed so you instantaneously know if you’re getting a good deal, and you can search by how much you’re willing to pay.

And instead of slogging through a barrage of browser windows, tabs, and threads, each apartment you click displays the listing with a handy Padmapper sidebar to easily return to your search map.

Now you and your best friends can move in with the help of your greatest friend.