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Article • March 17, 2011

Track and Visualize Your Energy Use

Go green by monitoring your home's electricity use with Wattvision

Today marks the anniversary of St. Patrick driving all the polluting snakes out of Ireland, finally freeing the country to reduce its carbon footprint.

In his honor, go really green this St. Patrick’s day by installing Wattvision to keep track of your home energy use.

The monitor is surprisingly easy to install on your electricity meter and will broadcast realtime readings to the Wattvision site. By treating electricity use as you would calories or a budget, becoming energy efficient becomes easier than ever.

Wattvision also boasts compatibility with Google’s PowerMeter, which provides a detailed look at your energy usage, down to each appliance.

It may not drive the snakes from your backyard, but we’re sure that St. Patrick would still be impressed by your eco-conscience.