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Article • March 18, 2011

Direct Report

Get the Best of Your Social Media

Using social media has become an important part in the way we get news. Unfortunately, it’s also becoming the ‘Reply All’ button for a lot of junk that some people might never want to read or see.

By linking your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds to Summify, it’s easy to keep up without keeling over, as the most important stories are emailed to you in a simple daily roundup.

Summify allows you to stay on top of the important activity in your social networks by cutting out repeat posts and removing the need to monitor your newsfeed like a hawk. Plus, your friends’ input is used to decide which stories are worth reading.

You can even customize your summary email by delivery frequency, number of included stories, and delivery time.

It’s the only way to stay productive in the face of your friends’ Twitpic frenzies and funny cat video addictions.