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Article • March 24, 2011

Keep Up with The Best Coffees and Teas

Get informed on all things tea and coffee with Steepster and Brewmethods

After the government began placing heavy taxes on our beloved MaxxThrottle Amped LokoBull Energy Mega-Beverage, the Netted team has been hard pressed to find a new drink to keep us going through the day. We’ve decided to make the switch to tea and coffee, and we’ve found some great resources for our newfound obsessions.

Steepster is the ultimate social network for tea lovers, perfect for discovering and discussing everything from Earl Gray to Golden Monkey Paw. Members rate teas and pass along recommendations on how to make a perfect pot for each.

Many of the teas being discussed are linked to sites where you can purchase them to try for yourself. If your love for tea runs deep, you can keep a tea journal or search for nearby tearooms.

Brewmethods will make coffee fanatics weep with joy. Need a cold brewed iced coffee recipe? Want to order specialty coffee or replace that French press? They cover everything, and even include great how-to videos.

You’re now well on your way to partying like its 1773… in Boston. Remember, pinkies out!