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Article • March 28, 2011

Preview Condensed Links for Any Website

Expand shortened links with little effort with LinkPeelr

If we’ve learned anything from our weekend Blindfolded Demolition Derby Club, it’s that knowing exactly where you’re going is always important. The same rules also apply for navigating the Internet and clicking shortened links.

LinkPeelr and LongUrl are your roadmaps to safely accessing shortened sites when they crop up anywhere from your emails to your Twitter feeds. By simply pasting the shortened link into their search bar, either site will tell you if you’re headed for a virus-laden cul-de-sac or that adorable new kitten picture your aunt promised.

But it gets better: LinkPeelr has an add-on for Google Chrome and LongURL concocted an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, showing you the true location every time you hover your mouse over a shortened link.

Your next Internet outing should be like Sunday driving from now on: fast, crash free and full of hilarious pit stops to share with the folks back home.