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Article • March 29, 2011

Send SMS Reminders to You and Everyone You Know

Set text reminders to be sent to your phone with Oh don't forget...

There was a point in our lives where the only thing we would allow ourselves to forget was a delicious chicken in our Ronco rotisserie oven. But at some point, we just got too busy to manage without some help available in easy installments.

Oh, don’t forget… is the Billy Mays of task management, reminding you of your to-do list items with an easily pre-scheduled text message. Putting your schedule on autopilot is as easy typing in a date and time.

Include text instructions (e.g. “buy ShamWow”) and set for your reminder to be sent to your phone at any time in the future. It’s easier than a conventional to-do list since SMS notifications are tough to ignore.

The service is free, but paying for a premium accounts allows you to set recurring reminders and maintain an address book for your contacts.

Discovering this has freed us up to ponder the important questions, such as “what is the meaning of life?” and “Will It Blend?”