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Article • March 30, 2011

Need For Feed

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse Of The News

The maxim “Everything in moderation” has long applied to hot sauce, sleep and pyrotechnic displays, and rightly so. Luckily, it has never applied to news and information.

With Pulse on your Android, iPhone or iPad, your insatiable lust for all the newest news will be a step closer to being satisfied. Instead of a boring RSS feed, the app gorgeously displays streams of your favorite news sources combined with titles and pictures in one easy-to-browse format.

If you’re not already an RSS user, starting it up simply requires your top three interest areas. Pulse provides the top feeds based on your tastes and grants the ability to customize absolutely everything. RSS fiends will be pleased to know it also syncs with your Google Reader account and with everything your friends are sharing on Facebook.

This also got us thinking: if everything but news is supposed to be in moderation, does that mean that moderation should be used in moderation? Sorry if your head just exploded.