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Article • March 31, 2011

Guest House

Find Reasonably Priced Short-Term Rentals

The greatest challenge facing world travelers these days is escaping Donald Trump’s nefarious clutches on hotel and real estate prices.

iStopOver has quickly become a top resource for those seeking refuge from The Donald’s ubiquity. They offer affordable accommodations for travelers looking for a unique place to stay.

The site offers an escape from the overpriced and generic experience of renting hotel rooms by listing apartments available for short term rentals. It also guarantees access to reviews, local recommendations, and prices that won’t break the bank.

iStopOver also specializes in planning around big international events like the Super Bowl or World Cup, helping you avoid extortionary hotel rate hikes.

Now you can travel around the world without Trump crowning you Miss USA. We’ve noticed that their contestants seem to have trouble with maps and geography, anyway.