Tax Shelter - Netted
Article • April 4, 2011

Tax Shelter

Make Finding An Accountant Less Taxing

For us, tax season used to mean two weeks of self-imposed isolation with nothing but Muscle Milk, Van Halen albums and our trusty TI-3000, the most powerful calculator money can buy, to get us through. But despite our gung ho spirit, figuring out the whole tax system was way harder than writing out a check to “GOVERNMEMT” and sending it to the White House.

Teaspiller lets you nail that April 15th deadline by making it easy to find and work with a reputable accountant. The best part? You can do it all online, with the comfort of working with a human being, instead of just software.

It’s not some tax factory full of hot air. You choose the certified accountant you’d like to work with from their database complete with customer reviews and license information. You can even request quotes from multiple experts to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

No matter how simple or complicated your taxes are, all Teaspiller accountants use error-checking software before filing. And opposed to automated online accounting services, you’ll always have a living, breathing person to answer your questions.

Now we can go back to using our calculator for its greatest purpose: making funny words with numbers.