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Article • April 5, 2011

Window Plain

Write Notes Directly Onto A Website

Vandalism fines aside, the Netted team has always had a bit of an obsession with writing notes on everything. That’s why it always bothered us that there was never a way to write a note on the Internet itself.

We’ve been using Glass to be more specific when ushering our friends around the web. It allows you to make notes to web pages and discuss them directly on top of the site you’re viewing.

When you share a site using Glass, your friends are immediately notified and taken directly to the notes you’ve added without having to scan an entire page searching for content. Even better? Instead of having to email or IM you their thoughts, they can reply directly to the notes on the page themselves.

As a browser add-on, Glass makes it as though you’re an on-site tour guide for the entire Internet. Whether it’s questions about a long news article, modifying and sharing recipes, or pointing out your favorite pictures in a photostream, it’s surprising how useful being able to “write” on the Internet can be.

Note to self: Notes are AWESOME.