Family Photo - Netted
Article • April 6, 2011

Family Photo

Share Photos With Your Family and Close Friends

Trust us when we say that sharing pictures with friends en masse is a tricky business. Sure, your coworker may tell you she likes the constant photo updates of your attempts at avant-garde cake making, but there’s a good chance she’s lying.

Path allows you to connect more meaningfully with the people you care about by harnessing the emotional power of instant photo and video sharing. The difference? Only your very closest friends and family take part.

By limiting your network to only fifty of your close friends and family, Path serves as a kind of private social network. It solves the problem of having to send multiple emails and MMS messages by reaching everyone you care about in one easy step.

We like how the intimacy of your network frees you to post whatever photos you’d like (no more “your baby and puppy photos are clogging my news feed” complaints from friends). Even if you’re more of a broad-social-circle type, you can still make use of the great filters and upload your photos directly to Facebook, complete with friend tags.

Besides, who better to express your undying love of cakes shaped like Darth Vader than to the loving parents who introduced you to Star Wars?