Learn More About Everyday Objects in a "Museum" - Netted
Article • April 11, 2011

Learn More About Everyday Objects in a "Museum"

Visit a vibrant virtual design museum for indispensable objects with Hidden Heroes

It’s really not fair to equate the ubiquitous with the dull; after all, we never get bored of Law & Order reruns. And if your feelings about design are anything like our undying love for Sam Waterston, ADA of our heart, you’ll want to check out the new online exhibit from Germany’s Vitra Design Museum.

The aptly-named Hidden Heroes exhibition offers a virtual museum experience exploring the design story of some of the most common (and as it turns out, interesting) everyday objects.

Perks of the online exhibition format include the ability to customize your experience around the objects that pique your interest, as well as the interactive galleries of related art and design curated by the Vitra. There are also fun (short) videos offering interesting trivia tidbits. Who knew early tin cans were opened by chisel?

After taking the full tour, we now officially have three heroes: Sam Waterston, Earl S. Tupper, and Earl S. Tupper’s 1949 patent for an airtight plastic lid. We’d give you a hint about what he invented, but it doesn’t exactly take one of the NYPD’s finest to figure it out.