Make Your Inbox Simple, Beautiful & Blazing Fast - Netted
Article • April 13, 2011

Make Your Inbox Simple, Beautiful & Blazing Fast

Search your Gmail with lightning speed with CloudMagic

Team Netted loves irony. (Also television medical dramas.) That’s why we’re especially pleased to present CloudMagic, a search tool for Gmail and Google Docs that’s better than Google’s own search.

Gmail’s search is a little slow. Worst of all, if you’re writing an email and need to look up something from a different email (maybe an email address, a recipe, or a bit of insightful analysis on the parallels between Dr. Gregory House and Dr. Meredith Grey) you have to open a new browser tab, re-load Gmail, do your search, and then head back to your original tab.

CloudMagic solves both these problems. It’s a browser add-on that lives right in your Gmail Inbox. Search results appear as you type, and you can view the results right next to the email you’re working on.

Google gave us an inbox we never had to clean; CloudMagic gives us the tools to sort through the mess, stat.