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Article • April 14, 2011

Find the Perfect Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Discover brilliant, life-changing products with The Grommet

According to “the dictionary” a grommet is a piece of plastic or metal that reinforces a hole. Or an insulator. Or a longitudinally bifurcated metal washer. Or a young participant in extreme sports.

According to “the Internet,” a Grommet is a smart, undiscovered product from a new generation of socially responsible manufacturers.

We were still confused, so we took a tour through The Grommet’s offerings. Whatever you want to call it, they’re selling some of the coolest and most interesting gifts and products we’ve seen in awhile.

Every product has a backstory, with information about the manufacturer, materials, and more. It’s the personalized shopping experience that the Internet provides – and that the megastores make impossible.

We especially love the thoughtful and interesting green items for the home and garden, like reusable produce bags and eco-friendly sponges. And their gift suggestions, like tiny terrariums and wine kits, are awfully clever.

So we think we have it figured out: Grommets are unique, awesome things you can buy on Internet. Or kids who are really into extreme icetubing.