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Article • April 15, 2011

Model Citizen

Directly Connect With Your Elected Officials

Democracy is not just about voting for the next American Idol or yelling “Power to the people!” every so often. Whether you’re left, right, apathetic or quixotic, your opinion deserves to be heard.

Votizen directly connects citizens to their elected officials. No more annoying flyers, ineffective petitions or pointless sign waving: contacting your leaders is as easy as sending an email.

Most normal email to politicians gets lost in the noise. Thanks to Votizen’s verified accounts, messages sent to your representatives are delivered both electronically and via in-office mail in the U.S. Capitol.

Skeptical? Votizen led to the first bill driven into the US Senate by social media alone. And with election season coming up, you can bet that your voice will resonate louder than usual.

After all this talk of government shutdowns, budget quarrels and the Donald’s presidential aspirations (ugh), today may be the day to speak up.