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Article • April 18, 2011

Connect the Apps Your Love

Automate some of your everyday actions with IFTTT

There are certain undeniable “ifs” in the world. For example, if a tree falls in the forest, it makes a sound; if you build it, they will come; and if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want some milk.

Seeing the amazing potential of “ifs,” If This Then That decided to make it possible for everyday events to trigger a customized action. The concept is as simple as the name: If “this” (a tweet, blog post, or weather event) happens, “that” (a phone call, a text, or post to your Facebook wall) happens automatically.

Automation is one of the greatest perks the Internet age, and this brings it to its full potential. Want to get a phone call when a stock falls below a certain price? Or tweet with joy when it hits 75 degrees in your neighborhood? The combinations are as endless as they are useful.

If there’s a cooler automation service, then we’ve never heard of it.