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Article • April 19, 2011

Get A Way

Brainstorm The Perfect Vacation Online

Archaeologists recently announced the discovery of an ancient society known as “travel agents.” This long lost population excelled at vacations until an epidemic known only as “the Internet” wiped them out of existence.

This mysterious civilization lives on in Webby Honoree Travelstormer, which takes all the pain out of organizing group vacations.

The site streamlines group decision-making by keeping your conversation and itinerary in one place. It’s far more organized than our usual assortment of random Facebook threads, convoluted email chains and emergency phone trees.

Members can vote on your plans, ensuring that at least the majority of travelers will be happy with the outcome. Plus, you can track and split expenses fairly, meaning that travelers stay happy.

After all, it’s one thing to take a trip with friends or family. It’s another thing to still be on speaking terms once it’s all over.