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Article • April 20, 2011

Quickly Design a Beautiful and Professional Website

Build yourself a professional website with Virb

“Build a personal website” usually sits untouched on to-do lists for years. That’s generally because web design scares people more than the idea of a Kardashian in the White House.

With Virb, you don’t need to know code to build a fantastic website. They will walk you through all the steps, from choosing a domain name to picking a professional-quality design. The result is an impressive site for minimal cost.

Everything is customizable. Whether you want to host your blog, showcase your photography, or post simple contact information, the process is so easy it almost feels like cheating.

Plus, Virb can pull in your content from around the web so you can keep using the services you love. Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress, and Blogger are just a few of the services already supported.

It doesn’t hurt that their elegant layouts rival some of the best designs on the web. And at $10 per month, it’s way cheaper than hiring developers and paying hosting fees.

RIP, Geocities!