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Article • April 21, 2011

Social Call

Easily Communicate With Groups Of Friends

9 out of 10 office workers agree: Conference calls are among their least favorite work necessities. Group calls are only slightly more popular than meetings, Mondays, and “not getting paid to just sit around and be totally awesome.”

However, Fast Society made us reconsider the conference call completely. This app lets you set up a group of users you might want to contact simultaneously: friends, family, or your colleagues on the party planning committee.

Once your groups are set up, it’s easy to have a group conference call or send a text message to everyone at once. You can quickly let everyone know where you are, where you plan to be next, or what you’re buying for inevitable office Cinco de Mayo extravaganza.

And if you decide to call out of work that day, just remember not to share your location via Fast Society. Yes that’s right, you can let certain groups (your friends!) know where you are, while keeping others (your boss?) in the dark.