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Article • April 26, 2011

Sounds Good

Stream Your Music From The Cloud

Music is like coffee: The more you consume, the more you need it just to get through the day. Too bad your favorite music isn’t nearly as ubiquitous as Starbucks.

Thankfully mSpot is here to help you get your music fix no matter where you are. The app streams your home music library to other devices, like your work computer and phone.

The mSpot Uploader copies music from your computer to the cloud. From there, you can listen to your early 90s Alt-Rock B-Sides from a browser or smartphone.

It’s easy to sync your music library with mSpot so you always have access to your latest tunes. And you can download songs from mSpot right to your mobile device, so you can continue to rock out in tunnels or down on the farm.

Users can upload 5 gigs of music (about 4,000 songs) for free. Serious music addicts can upgrade to 40GB for a measly $3.99/month.

So when the craving to hear “Linger” strikes, we’ll never be unprepared again.

And for cinema lovers, mSpot Movies allows you to rent brand new movies to stream over your mobile device or laptop. It makes missing the train home less “tragic” and more “the perfect opportunity to watch Harry Potter.”