Complete Your To-Do List in Less Time - Netted
Article • April 27, 2011

Complete Your To-Do List in Less Time

Work well with others and get it done with Wunderlist

The Internet continues to produce only the finest in adorable puppy gifs and Lady-Gaga-tripping-on-stage videos. As a result, MSNBC’s industry analysts are now warning about the dangers of falling productivity.

With Wunderlist working for Team Netted, we’re completely organized and back on track to meet expectations every quarter. It’s a beautiful, customizable and free to-do list that puts procrastination directly in your crosshairs.

Your big goals (Netted Hedge Fund!) are broken down into simple, achievable to-do lists (1. Don’t hire Madoff!). You can organize these mini-lists into folders and track their due dates. It makes setting up the biggest pyramid scheme ever as easy as sorting, delegating, and finally crossing off tasks.

We even installed it on our phones to stay organized on the go. And we delegated a few tasks through the app once we found out “Stress Testing” isn’t exactly what we thought.

With Wunderlist the organization possibilities are endless, but Netted’s plan of attack has been honed down to: 1. More coffee. 2. Everything else. 3. Rake in the profits.