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Article • April 29, 2011

Flyers Clubhouse

Use Your Social Skills To Get Trip Discounts

When the Queen (of England) asked us to plan the (British) Royal Honeymoon, we initially suggested either Cedar Rapids or Fort Lauderdale. WillKat said no to both suggestions.

In search of the perfect getaway that fits the Prince’s tight budget, we turned to the fabulous vacation packages offered on TripAlertz. It takes already low vacation prices and rewards users by dropping the price even lower whenever more people book. The result is a reverse auction where everyone who bids wins.

TripAlertz asks you to vote on which premium vacations interest you the most. The most popular packages go on sale starting each Tuesday. And even though the price drops every time someone else books a trip, the “early bird advantage” could score the first bidders special amenities (like free room upgrades).

Besides, they’re giving away a trip to space. The member price is currently listed at $85,000, so it might be worth a shot.

We were going to throw our hat in the ring, but we already commute in the Netted spaceship. Also, Team Netted doesn’t wear hats.