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Article • May 5, 2011

Get Rid of Repeat Contacts in Your Email

Clean up your email contact list with Scrubly

If Netted had a quarter for every time we updated our address book we still wouldn’t have enough for a sandwich. That’s because we’ve become masters of the address book universe and have outsourced the job.

Our advice is to check out Scrubly, an email address book cleaner. It takes all the tedium out of organizing your email contacts by cleaning them for you.

If you’re anything like us, you (and your friends) have changed work and personal email addresses quite a bit over the years. Scrubly searches for these duplicate contacts and other junk entries from your address book, helping you find and eliminate redundant and outdated information.

It’s compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Mac Address Book, Gmail and Gmail Apps accounts. Plus, all of your contacts are automatically backed up, so you can safely revert your data to its original state at any point in the process or in the future.

Scrubly will clean 250 of your contacts for free, but complete scans require a small fee. Because we love you, we’ve managed to score a 50% discount for our subscribers by using the promo code “netted” at checkout. That should save you more than enough quarters to spend all in one place. Enjoy!