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Article • May 9, 2011

On The Books

Create A Virtual Bookshelf And Get Book Recommendations

Books are good for many things, including table decoration and propping up your laptop to eye level. They can also be a great way to pass the time when you read all of the words that are magically arranged inside of them.

ShelfLuv is here to help you get the most out of your reading experience. It allows you to manage a virtual reading list of your favorite titles and to connect with friends and other like-minded readers.

Put simply, Shelf Luv helps you organize what you’re reading, have read or want to read in the future. Every title you add is displayed in a gorgeous virtual bookshelf, making it easy to share what you’re reading with friends. This also means you can recommend books to one another or openly mock your friend’s decision to read Snooki’s novel.

ShelfLuv makes recommendations for your next read based on the ratings you’ve given past books. They also make purchasing titles easy, so getting started on your next page turner is a breeze.

The site is still in closed beta, but we’ve scored some special invites for Netted subscribers. Just enter the invite code “netted” and you’ll be on your way to dethroning Oprah the Almighty and her oppressive book club regime.