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Article • May 10, 2011

On The List

A Quicker And Easier Way To Search Craigslist

According to the Mayans, we’re running out of time to fulfill our lifelong goal of owning an autographed portrait of Brian Williams. Unfortunately, Craigslist’s interface isn’t making our searching any easier.

We’re just happy Craiggers has made searching Craigslist easier and faster than ever before. Now we can save searches and scan our results without opening a million browser windows or constantly visiting the site.

Instead of displaying a thread of posts that necessitates copious clicking to browse, all listings can be viewed without venturing away from your search results. Craiggers also enables searching all categories and locations at once.

Besides a streamlined search experience, you can also save specific searches and mark posts as “favorites” for simple bookmarking. And on the off chance Craiglist isn’t your fulltime job, the site will collect search results matching your criteria and email them to you twice a day.

Plus “Craiggers” sounds like an adorable nickname a British person might give you. What’s not to love?