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Article • May 11, 2011

Buy and Sell Your Nerd Merch

Daily deals for your inner geek with Thwipster

We’ve been down in the dumps ever since Christopher Nolan rejected our script for the next Batman movie. He may think that Batman On Ice: March of the Penguin is the wrong trajectory for the franchise, but to each his own.

We’ve been relying on Thwipster for nerdy inspiration ever since. Simply put, it’s the first daily deal site created with your inner geek in mind.

By their own admission, they’re “striving to make Thwipster a destination that will make your quest to score the world’s finest graphic novels, toys, games and assorted geek culture items a more rewarding experience.” They offer up a great deal each day and run one special weeklong sale as a bonus.

We’re sure the self-professed nerds are already salivating. But even if comic books aren’t your thing, the site is the perfect way to surprise that geek in your life with your next gift.

When it comes time to present Mr. Nolan with our rewrite featuring James Franco as Catwoman, we’ll be prepared.