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Article • May 16, 2011

Access Your Digital Content Wherever You Go

Store 5 gigabytes in the cloud for free with Amazon Cloud Drive

Cloud storage is hotter than Lady Gaga right now: critics and detractors alike won’t stop writing about it, it’s young and fresh, and it’s about to release a Beyoncè collaboration.

Amazon Cloud Drive provides the Internet’s most reputable and reliable cloud storage. It provides 5GB of free backup storage, no physical hard drive necessary. If you have the Internet, you have your files.

The first 5 gigabytes come free, but if you find yourself running out of space yearly plans are also available. Options include $20 for 20GB, $50 for 50GB and so on up to a Terabyte (1000GB).

Awesome Deal Alert: purchase of an MP3 album on Amazon comes with 20GB of free storage on the Cloud Drive for a year. And Amazon’s Cloud Player for your desktop or Android phone lets you take your music with you wherever you go.

Be warned though, Cloud Drive is by no means the best way to get songs unstuck from your head.