Track Your Sleep, Activity, and Fitness with a Wristband - Netted
Article • May 17, 2011

Track Your Sleep, Activity, and Fitness with a Wristband

Get in shape by tracking your activity levels with FitBit

The Netted Team has stayed healthy with a steady routine of Jazzercise and Step aerobics for years. Only recently did we realize we could do more to stay in shape than just dramatic hand moves.

Since then we’ve been using Fitbit to keep track of our daily fitness, calories burned, and sleep quality. Repurposing (awesome) Wii technology, the Fitbit customizes all that motion feedback to help us monitor and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Fitbit measures and records every step you take. But it also records the intensity of those steps to provide accurate calorie burn info. And the motion-sensing technology also indicates whether your sleep is restless or deep. It’s like a 24-hour Cable News Channel dedicated just to your health.

To round it all out, the Fitbit site also lets you tracks your calorie intake, exercises, and overall stats. It’s especially easy to log all your hard work since Fitbit instantly uploads your data whenever you come within 10 feet of your computer and the Fitbit docking station.

Considering how easy Fitbit makes just about everything health and fitness-related, we think the $99.95 price tag is steal.

Nothing will ever replace Jazzercise in our hearts, but Fitbit makes a welcome addition to the family.