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Article • May 18, 2011

Bird Recall

Search And Sort Tweets Better Than Twitter Can

Twitter makes finding news and interesting content much faster than ever before. Unfortunately sometimes trying to read it all feels like studying the Library of Congress by sprinting up and down its corridors.

PostPost helps you make sense of Twitter information overload by gathering and sorting tweets (and the links, picture and videos inside them) for the ultimate in Twitter speed-reading. The result is a feed that’s like a personal library of information.

It’s easy to search and sort by user or by the kind of tweet you’re looking for: link, photo or video. A single page of results includes video and picture previews (or expanded URLs for shortened links) so there’s no need to open thousands of separate links. We particularly love seeing all of the Webby Awards’ photos and videos in one stream, but of course we’re a bit biased.

Plus now that PostPost has become our de facto Twitter archive, we’re way less worried about that lifetime ban from the Library of Congress. Turns out “sprinting down the corridors” also feels a lot like “being escorted out the door.”