What’s Your Twenty? - Netted
Article • May 19, 2011

What’s Your Twenty?

Use Location Sharing For Good, Not Evil

They say it’s all about location, location, location. But what about those of us who think that location-sharing apps are somewhere in between rad and rather weird?

If you’re skeptical about geo-location, let Geoloqi change your mind with a whole bunch of useful features you can choose to share publicly (or not).

For starters, it’s easy to use Geoloqi to send yourself notes based on your location. Near the supermarket? Geoloqi will remind you to pick up milk.

You can also use Geoloqi to share your location, or notes about certain locations, with others. Have friends visiting? Use Geoloqi to create a virtual guided walking tour for them. You could even track their movement to make sure they haven’t gone too far off the beaten path.

There are tons of uses for Geoloqi, but we really like that no app download is required to share your location. Instead you can send a secure link via text or email. And perhaps most importantly, it’s easy to turn location sharing off.

It’s the first time GPS hasn’t stood for “Getting Pretty Scary” in a while.