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Article • May 23, 2011

Create the Best Evergreen and Live Blog Stories

Tell your stories with content with Storify

John Steinbeck once said “All that’s needed for a good story is a sinking battleship and invading aliens.” We’re not sure if he meant that literally, but it makes us want to improve our storytelling methods.

Now we use Storify as a way to tell stories using social media, photos and videos. Simply drag-and-drop the items you want, add personalized text, and share with it the world.

Storify searches Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Google News for individual elements to build your story. Instead of a rambling email or shoddy Facebook photo album, Storify curates the best of social media and brings everything together.

Now we round up our friends’ Tweets, Facebook posts and photos into one place after a get together. Is a major event happening in your city? Combine your friends’ comments and local news reports to make it your own.

We’re so excited, we’re pitching an Internet-based storytelling show to LeVar Burton: Reading Double Rainbow.