Make Your Inbox Work Around Your Other Work - Netted
Article • May 25, 2011

Make Your Inbox Work Around Your Other Work

Accomplish more by categorizing emails as tasks with Taskforce

If you’re like us, you put off everything on your to-do list because the apocalypse was supposed to have happened back on Saturday. But we’re still here and it’s time to catch up.

Taskforce is a simple browser add-on that turns important emails into tasks. It adds buttons directly to your inbox, making it easy to build your to-do list or add on to existing items.

The app makes staying focused effortless: You can prioritize your list by hiding less important tasks until you can tackle everything else on your plate.

For group work, get coworkers involved by clicking the “Collaborators” button and adding their email addresses. Taskforce will automatically keep everyone updated on each other’s progress whether or not they have the program installed. We definitely won’t miss those pestering back-and-forth emails.

We used Taskforce to save time and lives. The subject line was “Steps to Survive the Real Apocalypse – The Zombie Apocalypse”: It involved stockpiling food, locating machetes, and running really fast.