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Article • May 31, 2011

Read the Ultimate Guide to the World's Wines

Discover better wine with AG Wine

The Netted Team has been into wine ever since Prince came to us in a dream and told us to “cherish the aged juice of the grape. It will bring you to the next level of funk.”

We’re not entirely sure what he meant, but using the AG Wine app for iPhone and iPad has made discovering wines a lot less confusing. It’s a comprehensive guide that lets you browse wines by region, varietal, style or food pairing.

It’s an educational wine shop companion, making the process of selecting the type of wine you’re really after a lot simpler. The app is very well organized, so finding information is lightning fast.

The app doesn’t focus on specific producers or brands unlike other pocket sommeliers. Instead, they use regional strengths and accurate descriptions so you can make your own decisions. Put simply, it makes buying wine about discovery again.

Android users should check out Swirl Pro. The app searches the powerful Snooth database for recommendations, and lets you keep track of the wines you’ve tried with a camera and note system.

We think we’ve reached the next level of funk because now we can’t get “Raspberry Beret” out of our heads every time we go wine shopping.