Replace White Walls with Beautiful Wall Graphics - Netted
Article • June 2, 2011

Replace White Walls with Beautiful Wall Graphics

Decorate your walls with gorgeous designs with Blik

Walls are a major source of frustration when trying to spruce up your living space. Do you paint it? Wallpaper it? Punch a few holes in it out of frustration and hope that no one notices?

We were relieved to find Blik, which is a line of self-adhesive wall decals that were created for people who like original design. Instead of wallpaper, paint or stencils, the DIY nature of Blik lets you be the artist and create your own wall art.

The wall designs offered on the site are nothing short of gorgeous and start just under $40. If you don’t want to commit to one style, their Re-Stik decals can be added or removed in minutes, no paintbrush or primer required.

Want a one-of-a-kind “wallscape”? Blik also offers custom designs starting at $250. All you need to do is supply the dimensions and any special images and their team will send you a price quote.

Since we saw TRON, we’ve wanted to live in a video game, but dressing up our cats like Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Luigi hasn’t been doing the trick. Now our bathroom is a Space Invader battle after only a few minutes work.