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Article • June 3, 2011

Turn Any Website Into Your Own Personal Document

Annotate and edit entire webpages with scrible

Writing about the Internet sometimes has its downsides. For example, we’re contractually obligated not to reveal how many screens we’ve broken from trying to highlight or underline websites.

scrible has saved our careers and our computers by offering all the Internet annotation we can handle. Adding their toolbar or bookmarklet gives you all the tools you need to turn any website into your own personal document.

Set that poorly-written article in its place by striking through text or give the writer the subtle nod they’ll never get by highlighting important passages. Add a note coordinating with the highlights or text colorations and then throw in a legend so the patterns all make sense. It’s versatile, useful and has completely changed the way we do research on the Internet.

Collaborate or show off your work by emailing the page to everyone involved. All of your notes can be exported or saved to your convenient, searchable library on scrible like an e-Trapper Keeper.

Now that the Internet is your notebook, all you have to do is resist the urge to write your crush’s name in hearts all over it.