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Article • June 6, 2011

Send Your Digital Photos as Real Postcards

Convert your favorite photos into physical postcards with Postagram

Preserving memories with photos is a cherished past time. It’s also much easier than the previous tradition of reliving family memories through spontaneous Kabuki theater and interpretive dance.

The best new way we’ve found to spread photo love is with Postagram. For just $.99, you can turn your mobile photos into a postcard and send them to friends and family right from the iPhone app or the web.

Just write a personalized message, enter an address and hit send. Photos pop out from their mailing form, so your snapshots can be stored, hung or framed. The app also links to your Instagram account if you’re as big a fan of their awesome filters as we are.

We think it’s a great alternative to sending an MMS or emailing, and sending a postcard is still as much fun as receiving one. That’s why we’ve already sent 6 this week.

If you’re looking for picture sharing in bulk, Keepsy makes building a custom photo album super easy. Just import the images you’d like, select a theme, and have it shipped. Prices start as low as $29.95.

Nothing against interpretive dance, but these snapshots look a lot better than us flailing around in a leotard.