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Article • June 8, 2011

Screening Room

Find And View Your Friends' Favorite Videos

Casually surfing YouTube for videos is a lot less “tourist training wave” and a lot more “60 foot tall rogue wave out of nowhere.” There’s simply too much content to keep up with it all.

Showyou knew that if 35 hours of YouTube video are being uploaded every minute, then there has to be a way to find videos worth your time. By signing in with either Twitter or Facebook, the iPad and iPhone app rounds your selection down to just the videos your friends have shared.

We think the best and most intuitive feature is the Showyou Grid, which clusters up to 1000 videos within a single swipe in any direction. Finally, immersing yourself in hours of corgis and kittens takes no more than just trusting your friends.

Since it’s based on social networks, it obviously comes with the ability to like, comment, and even thank friends for videos. The Showyou Feed lets you supervise the social aspects as it all happens.

Unless you don’t trust your friends, in which case you need a lot more than this app.