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Article • June 10, 2011

Send Private Information Securely and Temporarily

Send self-destructing sensitive information with QuickForget

Don’t tell anyone you heard it from us, but the rumor is that secrets secrets are no fun. It’s most likely because double-secrecy levels are reserved for businesses, governments and important personal information.

QuickForget lets you send a username through email, save a password with us, and feel comfortable sharing user credentials because all the information is not in a single location. Once your message’s settings are locked in, QuickForget provides the link and explicitly spells out when your message will be lost forever in Pacific Standard Time.

They even recently upgraded to https for an extra level of security for when you’re explaining where you hid the housekeys for the baby sitter or sending a link to that super secret new website no one should ever know about except your friends. You mean to say you’ve already heard of Well, then maybe another link is in order.

One of our favorite ways to harness all this magnificent technology is to send an email with just the expiration date in the subject line and the alphanumeric code that follows the slash. This way, we’ve taken every step to make sure our message gets to our recipients in time and only to our friends who also know and love QuickForget as much as we do.

It’s like speaking in code without ever having to learn any code. Much safer too, since secrets secrets sent this way rarely hurt someone. They’re just temporarily stuck in cyberspace.