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Article • June 14, 2011

Learn and Share Your Knowledge About Any Topic

Create and share tutorials about anything

As guides to easier living, we often get asked to explain things to our friends and family. It’s not that we don’t love explaining our sweet dance moves or how to build a robot butler, but it can be a tiresome process.

Now we use Tildee to make easy-to-follow tutorials for anyone who needs a little help. Their easy-to-construct instructions can include images, maps and video and can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Maybe the driving directions to your summer house require a bit more explaining than a GPS can offer. Or perhaps your cheesecake recipe requires a little more explanation than a recipe allows. Tildee makes following your tutorials as easy as making them.

It’s way faster, better-looking, and more enabled than writing up a Word document. Each tutorial has a unique URL, so it’s even easier to share once you’re done.

The possibilities for using Tildee are limitless, especially in the computer help area. There’s also an archive of pre-existing tutorials that you’re free to browse.

We really don’t miss those phone calls from mom every time she wants to “turn on the Internet.”