Attend an Online Cooking School and Cook Like a Pro - Netted
Article • June 15, 2011

Attend an Online Cooking School and Cook Like a Pro

Learn how to cook online with Rouxbe

Team Netted has recently been having a hard time keeping our blood pressure under control. Thanks to the recent shift from the food pyramid to the MyPlate system, we’ve come to understand that a large meat lover’s pizza for dinner every night is doing us wrong.

We were excited to find Rouxbe, an exemplary online cooking school. We rarely order out anymore because we’re riveted by all the beautiful videos and anxious to try out all the four-star techniques and tips.

Each lesson includes a discussion board and a short quiz. Should you ever get a question wrong, the correct answers lead you right to the section of the video the question is referring to. Every video is divided for easier viewing and the list of necessary materials is available before you begin either cooking or viewing.

Even the simple essentials like using a chef’s knife to cut with the rolling technique are exquisitely detailed. We love it so much we’re proud to offer Netted subscribers 20% off subscriptions by entering “netted” when you sign up.

It’s like Mama Netted always said: “Sharing is caring and we all have to eat for the rest of our lives so why not teach each other how to cook?” We’re pretty sure that’s not quite the saying, but we still love her.