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Article • June 16, 2011

Channel Surfing

Watch And Share The Best Videos On The Web

Now that the Webbys are over, Team Netted has been taking some time to relax and decompress. But a week of Internet awesomeness calls for something more than our usual couch-crashing with reruns of Walker: Texas Ranger.

We’ve been using VHX to unwind with some of the best curated videos on the web. Simply put, they’ve created one of the most successful “Internet as TV” experiences we’ve ever seen.

The site works like a Twitter stream of videos that the people you follow have shared. By installing their bookmarklet to your browser, suppling content for your own “online TV channel” becomes as easy as a mouse click. Creating your own personal video experience has never been so easy.

VHX uses a brilliant, large display of high quality videos, and you can easily “channel surf” videos with your keyboard. According to them, “VHX is the way you’re supposed to watch and share videos with friends. It brings online videos together into one streamlined watching experience and equips the community with the best possible curation tools.”

If your friends aren’t great with sharing videos, we suggest checking out the superb feed VHX maintains. There’s also dedicated channels created by websites like Webby winners Laughing Squid, Buzzfeed and Boing Boing – and of course, the house-curated feed is superb.

Just be warned: This email took three times longer to write than usual because the amazing videos kept sucking us in.