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Article • June 17, 2011

Money Clip

Sort And Sell All Your Online Coupons

Let’s face it: There is an explosion of daily deal sites that is revolutionizing the way we shop online. But when you’ve purchased enough 2-for-1 smoothie deals to sink an aircraft carrier, organizing all the deals you’ve bought can become difficult.

CityPockets is like having a wallet that not only organizes all your online coupons by expiration date, but also provides a map of where your coupons are redeemable. It’s so technologically advanced, it’s basically the super-wallet you never thought would exist until you were at least a foot in the grave.

Chances are you’ve set up a plethora of accounts with different deal sites to take advantage of offers. But like those gift certificates from Christmas that are still sitting in your drawer, it’s very easy to forget about them until they’ve expired and you’ve lost your money.

City Pockets is a one-stop place to manage all of the deals you’ve purchased that will remind you before your deals expire. It currently syncs with 23 voucher sites including things like UrbanDaddy, Thrillist, Groupon and LivingSocial with more being added as the deal sites boom continues.

Did you go overboard on half-priced tacos and discounted group ice-climbing excursions? They’re also testing a marketplace so you can sell all the coupons you bought but won’t use.

The only next step these deals can take is paying you to use them.