Find and Recover Stolen or Missing Apple Devices - Netted
Article • June 27, 2011

Find and Recover Stolen or Missing Apple Devices

Download the best Apple anti-theft program with Hidden

The Netted corporate retreat in Nepal last year completely rejuvenated the entire team. The highlight was probably meditating until the same thought came to all of us: “Serenity is a secure computer.”

Which is why installing Hidden has made the office more peaceful by leaps and bounds. This program is $15 per year and only available for Macs, but it takes screen shots and iSight photos if your Mac is ever stolen. It also tracks the computer’s location so you have all the tools you need to get your Mac back.

You can activate it with your Hidden account from any computer with Internet access. As soon as you click the “Stolen” button, the formerly dormant app will start subtly broadcasting from the background.

Hidden can’t be uninstalled unless the thief also got a hold of your administrator password, too. They also suggest setting up a firmware password to prevent thieves from bypassing your security efforts by reinstalling OSX.

With all the serenity Hidden just bought us, our goal for this year’s retreat is achieving app nirvana. We’ll let you know how it goes!