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Article • June 28, 2011

Name Badge

Tag Your Possessions And Protect Your Identity

We still haven’t recovered from the trauma of leaving our favorite Hello Kitty camera in the back seat of a cab. We’ve been terrified of losing another valuable possession ever since.

Luckily we’ve started using TurlyTag , a system of next-generation ID tags that help lost belongings quickly make their way back to you.

In a clever yet simple system, TurlyTag sends you an array of multi-colored tags and stickers to place on all of your floating possessions. Each tag comes with a unique ID number that identifies you, and only you, as the owner, along with instructions on how to report a “found” item.

Once a missing object is reported “found” to TurlyTag, the site will take over, notifying you immediately and making all the arrangements to have your lost item returned. Unlike traditional ID tags, you can rest easy knowing that your personal contact information is still safe.

We’d hate for you to lose your laptop and miss out on your daily Netted, so our readers can take 20% off when they enter the promo code “netted” at checkout.

And a word to the wise: you can and should add TurlyTags to your favorite Hello Kitty items, but never to your actual kitty. We’ve learned they don’t really like that.