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Article • June 29, 2011

Listen To This

Our Webby Mixtape, Brought to You by Pandora®

It’s only been two weeks and already we’re going through Webby Awards withdrawal. It’s hard to believe we have to wait a whole 50 weeks until the next ceremony.

At least we can relive the Webby experience with the Webby Awards Pandora® Mixtape. Created to honor Webby Artist of the Year LCD Soundsystem, the station combines the irresistible urge to dance brought on by the Webby celebration with the double awesomeness of Pandora® internet radio and the Music Genome Project®.

If you’re anything like us, finding and listening to music on Pandora continues to be one of the few things we couldn’t live without.  It doesn’t matter if you’re more into Black Flag or Rebecca Black: Their stockpile of music is always growing, so your personalized music experience stays fresh.

Besides, anyone that allows us to dance along to the Webby Awards year-round is a friend of ours.  It also doesn’t hurt that Pandora has helped us perfect our desk dancing moves.