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Article • June 30, 2011

Read Up On It

Curated Articles Delivered Right To You

The Netted team are pretty voracious readers. Voracious enough that we’ve practically memorized the instructions on the back of the shampoo bottle.

For those looking for quality reading material we suggest both Delivereads and Byliner. They’ll deliver free curated selections of the best articles from all over the Web right to you.

The content for both comes from a wide range of major publications, from The Nation and Newsweek to Rolling Stone and The New York Review of Books. It’s an easy way to have some great content delivered to your favorite digital reading device or inbox with no extra work.

Delivereads is Kindle-only right now, with hand-selected articles delivered directly to your device a couple times each week.

Byliner is a larger, more formal operation, with a team of editors ready to offer collections and listings pulled from their favorite sources, some old and some new. All the articles are made easily available for later reading on your tablet or desktop.

We’ve also become addicted to their compelling “Buyliner Originals,” which is writing available for purchase from the likes of William T. Vollmann and Jamie Malanowski.

It goes without saying that a story from a National Book Award winner is far more compelling than “wash, rinse and repeat.”