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Article • July 5, 2011

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Automatically Update Your Gmail Contacts

In the power business days of the late eighties, all you needed to be successful was Gordon Gecko hair, a fax machine and a well maintained Rolodex. We’ve already bought the biggest cell phone we could find trying to channel that mantra, but we still can’t seem to manage our online address book as easily.

We’ve been making progress with the help of WriteThat.Name. It extracts the information from email signatures so our Gmail address books have everything we need.

The service fills out your Google contact information to include phone numbers, fax numbers and physical addresses. And since we sync our phones with our Gmail, our completed contacts go with us wherever we go.

Of course you can check every detail before a single change is made. If not, they send an email report of all changes made at the end of each day.

Sure, we’ll miss the cool breeze thrown off by a Rolodex in motion, but this is just way better.